Artist: Yacine Boulares, Vincent Segal, Nasheet Waits
Title: Abu Sadiya
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 00:48:08
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Label: Accords Croises

Abu Sadiya is believed to be a West African hunter, enslaved, who would have gone mad after the disappearance of his daughter, abducted by the moon. He would dance to convince the Night star

to return to him his beloved child …

The meeting between jazz, rhythms and fashions of the stambeli will be done by three musiciens, in the company of the American drummer Nasheet Waits. Abu Sadiya is an almost narrative sequence, through uprooting, despair, death, transformation, and Yacine Boulars insists that the boundary between improvisation and written music is not always sensitive.

Yacine Boulars, Vincent Segal and Nasheet Waits venture between the streets of Tunis and Manhattan, between tradition, jazz and free music, between the tragedies of history and contemporary resilience, between old secrets and contemporary freedom. It is not only a homage to this African enslaved ; It is his revenge !


  1. Dar Shems (The House of The Sun) – 2:24
  2. Disappearance – 2:26
  3. Bahriyya (The Water Spirits) – 6:17
  4. Interlude I – 3:51
  5. Takhmira (A Trance) – 7:36
  6. Mirage – 1:03
  7. Demian – 4:47
  8. Qmar (Prayer to the Moon) – 1:29
  9. Interlude II – 0:33
  10. Sadiya – 9:45
  11. Nuba-Resilience – 8:05