Xose Miguélez - Contradictio (2022) FLAC Download

Release Name: Xose_Miguelez-Contradictio-(ORIGIN82842)-CD-FLAC-2022-HOUND
Artist: Xose Miguélez
Album: Contradictio
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2022
Tracks: 10
Duration: 57:07
Format: FLAC, (tracks)
Size: 331 MB

From the Galicia region of Spain, saxophonist Xose Miguélez celebrated the traditional melodies of his family, viewed through a modern jazz lens, for the 2019 release “Ontology.” On “Contradictio,” Miguélez features the virtuosic French pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, and the music they’ve been developing together over the last several years with the Portugal-based rhythm team of bassist Carlos Barretto and drummer Marcos Cavaleiro. Together, they deliver prominently contemporary timbres within an organic classic jazz setting. Through a mixture of standards, originals by Miguélez, and a Pilc original dedicated to Galicia, the music unfolds with a spontaneity and life that inspires feelings of a live music experience.

“Contradictio feeds from tradition – evoking Galicia, Paris, New York – although it does not stop to search for limits but tries to reach for infinity.” — Javier Fraiz, Faro de Vigo.

1. Xose Miguélez – Meniña (06:38)
2. Xose Miguélez – You and the Night and the Music (05:58)
3. Xose Miguélez – Ontology (05:13)
4. Xose Miguélez – Contradictio (05:50)
5. Xose Miguélez – Someday My Monk Will Come (03:10)
6. Xose Miguélez – But Not for Me (06:58)
7. Xose Miguélez – Soul and Body (08:09)
8. Xose Miguélez – Out of Nowhere (05:40)
9. Xose Miguélez – Galicia (04:44)
10. Xose Miguélez – Ontology (Duo Version) (04:42)

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