Wentus Blues Band - Woodstock (2011) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Wentus_Blues_Band-Woodstock-CD-FLAC-2011-mwndX
Artist: Wentus Blues Band
Album: Woodstock
Genre: Blues
Year: 2011
Tracks: 12
Duration: 00:51:11
Size: 338.46 MB

Finnish group Wentus Blues Band’s seventh studio CD “Woodstock” was recorded at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY in the autumn of 2010. “Woodstock” includes 12 new, original songs. Band members Juho Kinaret, Niko Riippa, Robban Hagns and Pekka Grhn wrote the majority of the material. Producer Clas Yngstrm penned one song. Lyrics to three songs are written by former Cream lyricist Pete Brown. Clas Yngstrm has collaborated with Wentus Blues Band earlier, as he produced their album “No Beginner” (2001). Yngstrm is a musician himself; he has fronted his own band Sky High for more than 30 years. Wentus Blues Band was formed in Finland’s midwestern city of Kokkola in 1986. Its name derives from the Kokkola village of Ventus, where their rehearsal room is still located. In addition to their own career, Wentus has backed up several world-class blues and rock acts. Tours have taken the band to numerous countries in Europe. Wentus Blues Band celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a three-night concert in Helsinki in September 2006. Along with Wentus, long-time collaborators like Louisiana Red, Lazy Lester, Kim Wilson (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones), and Sven Zetterberg took the stage. Director Heikki Kossi and his film crew were there to shoot a documentary of the event. The resulting film, “Family Meeting”, was nominated for two national film awards in Finland. “Family Meeting” has screened in several European countries as well as at festivals in the USA and Canada. Wentus Blues Band are Mikael Axelqvist (drums), Pekka Grhn (keyboards, backing vocals), Robban Hagns (bass, backing vocals), Juho Kinaret (vocals, percussion), Niko Riippa (guitar), and Kim Vikman (guitar). Axelqvist, Hagns, Riippa, and Vikman are founding members.


  1. Wentus Blues Band – Facebook Blues – 2:57 (871 kbps , 18.41 MB)
  2. Wentus Blues Band – She’s So Fine – 4:10 (939 kbps , 28.01 MB)
  3. Wentus Blues Band – Moving My Wheels – 4:42 (916 kbps , 30.77 MB)
  4. Wentus Blues Band – Blues Ain’t Bad – 6:39 (937 kbps , 44.62 MB)
  5. Wentus Blues Band – From the Cradle to the Grave – 3:50 (967 kbps , 26.55 MB)
  6. Wentus Blues Band – Beautiful Woman – 3:50 (936 kbps , 25.62 MB)
  7. Wentus Blues Band – Selma – 3:51 (893 kbps , 24.59 MB)
  8. Wentus Blues Band – Wind in My Hair – 4:42 (935 kbps , 31.46 MB)
  9. Wentus Blues Band – Cold Cold Week – 3:58 (880 kbps , 24.98 MB)
  10. Wentus Blues Band – 57 Radio – 3:06 (962 kbps , 21.3 MB)
  11. Wentus Blues Band – Black Cat Bone – 5:23 (892 kbps , 34.3 MB)
  12. Wentus Blues Band – Morning Glory – 4:08 (940 kbps , 27.85 MB)

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