Weezer - Pacific Daydream (2017) [FLAC] Download

Artist: Weezer
Title: Pacific Daydream
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 00:37:45
Quality: FLAC Stereo 16bit/44,1kHz
Size: 263.61 MB
Tracks: 11
Source: Weezer-Pacific_Daydream-JP_Retail-CD-FLAC-2017-CHS

Pacific Daydream – an album full of the melodic mastery and craftsmanship for which Weezer are known – is a record that navigates the uncertainty between reality and dreams, blurring the line between the listener knowing if they are daydreaming the world of the album, or if the world of the album is daydreaming them. It’s a record about finding the gray area between the black and the white, about escaping the everyday into the fantasy of what may be just down the line, but also maybe isn’t. It’s an album that sounds like the Beach Boys and The Clash fell in love by the ocean and had one hell of an amazing baby.

“Mexican Fender” opens Pacific Daydream with big, crunching arena rock guitars, but that’s the only throwback thing about the album. A deliberate reaction to 2016’s Weezer (White Album), a record where producer Jake Sinclair encouraged the band to act like it was 1994, Pacific Daydream is a thoroughly modern affair, complete with drum loops and electronic flourishes, all wrapped up in a shiny package. Despite all of this contemporary flair, Weezer aren’t exactly pandering to a younger audience. Much of Pacific Daydream is gleaming mall-pop on par with Beck’s Colors: music made by veteran alt-rockers who are as aware of trends as they are of their own middle age, so they try to split the difference between the two. Such concentrated fusion appeals to an eccentric like Rivers Cuomo, who cleverly writes a tribute to the Beach Boys that doesn’t sound a thing like Brian Wilson and drops a reference to Stevie Ray Vaughan on a song that’s designed to play during happy hours at chain restaurants. This odd subversive streak tends to alienate fans who prefer Cuomo’s emo side — a side that’s not entirely absent here, but songs that start in that fashion usually wind up bending back to his current obsessions. That’s the pleasure of Pacific Daydream: beneath its glossy surface, there’s not only plenty of melody, but a perverse sense of humor that keeps the record from sounding too smooth and settled.


  1. Weezer – Mexican Fender – 3:10
  2. Weezer – Beach Boys – 3:51
  3. Weezer – Feels Like Summer – 3:16
  4. Weezer – Happy Hour – 2:57
  5. Weezer – Weekend Woman – 4:06
  6. Weezer – QB Blitz – 3:17
  7. Weezer – Sweet Mary – 3:43
  8. Weezer – Get Right – 3:13
  9. Weezer – La Mancha Screwjob – 3:28
  10. Weezer – Any Friend Of Diane’s – 3:35
  11. Weezer – Feels Like Summer (Acoustic) – 3:17

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