Artist: Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane
Title: The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2006
Duration: 01:45:57
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Label: Craft Recordings

The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings is a 2006 release of Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane’s work for the Riverside Records label in 1957, with two tracks previously unreleased in any form. In 2017 it was relaunched for the new vinyl reissue of Craft Recordings imprint (Concord Music Group).

This collection is an almost complete anthology of the work of Monk and Coltrane, who only recorded together in the studio during 1957. The set draws from the self-titled Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane, Monk’s Music and a solitary trio track from Thelonious Himself. Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall and Discovery! are the only other recordings documenting this musical association.

Hardcore jazzheads with no doubt be delighted with this double-disc set that includes all the recordings Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane did together in 1957 for Riverside. Never mind that the vast majority of this material has been issued several times. There are two cuts that have never appeared before: an alternate of “Crepuscule with Nellie” from the septet sessions for Monk’s Music on June 25 and 26 ( with Gigi Gryce, Coleman Hawkins, bassist Wilbur Ware, and drummer Shadow Wilson), and an alternate of “Abide with Me” with just Trane, Hawkins, and Gryce. There are also two tracks — one of them a false start with Ware and Coltrane — of “Monk’s Mood,” recorded on April 12 for inclusion on the otherwise solo Thelonious Himself album. The remaining three cuts with Ware, Wilson, and Coltrane were taken form the At the Five Spot live recording. Orrin Keepnews compiled this collection and wrote a wonderful and insightful essay about recording this music. It was all arranged chronologically, meaning there are no less than five takes in total of “Crepuscule with Nellie” taking up the vast majority of disc one. For those who have to have absolutely everything.


  1. Monk’s Mood (False Start) – 0:55
  2. Monk’s Mood – 7:52
  3. Crepuscule With Nellie (Take 1) – 4:35
  4. Crepuscule With Nellie (Take 2) – 4:42
  5. Crepuscule With Nellie (Breakdown) – 0:56
  6. Blues For Tomorrow (Stereo) – 13:33
  7. Crepuscule With Nellie (Edited, Retakes 4 & 5) – 4:48
  8. Crepuscule With Nellie (Retake 6) – 4:40
  9. Off Minor (Take 4) – 5:16
  10. Off Minor (Take 5) – 5:08
  11. Abide With Me (Take 1) – 0:54
  12. Abide With Me – 0:55
  13. Epistrophy (Short Version) – 3:09
  14. Epistrophy – 10:46
  15. Well, You Needn’t (Opening) – 1:26
  16. Well, You Needn’t – 11:23
  17. Ruby, My Dear – 5:28
  18. Ruby, My Dear – 6:22
  19. Nutty – 6:38
  20. Trinkle, Tinkle – 6:40