Tangerine Dream - Quantum Gate + Quantum Key (2018) [FLAC] Download

Artist: Tangerine Dream
Title: Quantum Gate + Quantum Key
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 2018
Duration: 01:43:32
Quality: FLAC Stereo 16bit/44,1kHz
Size: 647.85 MB
Tracks: 4
Source: Tangerine_Dream-Quantum_Gate_and_Quantum_Key-(KSCOPE616)-2CD-FLAC-2018-WRE

Expanded two CD edition of Quantum Gate now including the excellent Quantum Key EP, bringing together Edgars’ vision as a two CD set for the first time. It will be presented in a digipack packaging complete with an 8-page booklet. The group has written over 100 studio albums and were led by Edgar Froese, who developed an instantly recognizable synth-based instrumental music based on a meditative musical experience that came to prominence in the ’70s and ’80s. The Quantum Key EP preceded Quantum Gate and both delivered an updated, contemporary development of their trademark sound: sequencer-driven electronica covering a wide range of moods and atmospheres from ambient soundscapes to energetic, upbeat moments. The Quantum Years material began as a concept and series of musical sketches by Froese before he passed away in 2015. Remaining band members Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane worked together to realize Edgar’s visions and expectations of a conceptual body of work that attempts to translate quantum physics and philosophy into music.


  1. Tangerine Dream – Sensing Elements – 13:34
  2. Tangerine Dream – Roll The Seven Twice – 6:26
  3. Tangerine Dream – Granular Blankets – 5:03
  4. Tangerine Dream – It Is Time To Leave When Everyone Is Dancing – 6:37
  5. Tangerine Dream – Identity Proven Matrix – 5:19
  6. Tangerine Dream – Non-Locality Destination – 10:00
  7. Tangerine Dream – Proton Bonfire – 8:25
  8. Tangerine Dream – Tear Down The Grey Skies – 6:18
  9. Tangerine Dream – Genesis Of Precious Thoughts – 9:11
  10. Tangerine Dream – Genesis Of Precious Thoughts – 9:13
  11. Tangerine Dream – Electron Bonfire – 5:05
  12. Tangerine Dream – Drowning In Universes – 11:07
  13. Tangerine Dream – Mirage Of Reality – 7:25

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