Tal National - Tantabara (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Tal_National-Tantabara-CD-FLAC-2018-FiXIE
Artist: Tal National
Album: Tantabara
Genre: Folk
Year: 2018
Tracks: 8
Duration: 00:37:59
Size: 283.85 MB

Gearing up for their third album for FatCat, Tal National look back on a fertile period spent further honing their sound and touring the US several times – leaving audiences sweaty and stunned time after time. They’ve laid down incredible sets at WOMAD and Roskilde, bringing the same intensity and jubilance to the festival set as they would a crammed club, converting the staunchest wallflower into a dancer for the night. At their core, that’s Tal National’s intent, to make the people dance. Performances at their Niamey nightclub (yes they operate their own nightclub) are regularly raucous 5-hour non-stop dance parties for 300 people a night. With Tantabara the band continues their ongoing quest to translate that energy to tape, bottling the party for personal use. The grooves are the backbone of the album, and the intent is to create a trance-state that overwhelms conscious thought and lets the listener be surrounded by the energy and emotion of Tal National. Brimming with the band’s complex, intense spirit, the album is a continuation of the balance of tradition and innovation that have driven their previous albums. It’s a joyous celebration and euphoric epiphany all in one complex package. We’d expect nothing less at this point from Tal National.


  1. Tal National – Tantabara – 5:01 (995 kbps , 35.64 MB)
  2. Tal National – Belles Reines – 5:01 (1082 kbps , 38.82 MB)
  3. Tal National – Entente – 3:12 (1049 kbps , 24.02 MB)
  4. Tal National – Duniya – 4:27 (1041 kbps , 33.12 MB)
  5. Tal National – Akokas – 4:58 (1086 kbps , 38.64 MB)
  6. Tal National – Pama – 6:03 (1014 kbps , 43.89 MB)
  7. Tal National – Trankil – 4:44 (1051 kbps , 35.62 MB)
  8. Tal National – Aminiata – 4:37 (1034 kbps , 34.1 MB)

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