Switchfoot - Learning to Breathe (2000) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Switchfoot-Learning_To_Breathe-CD-FLAC-2000-FiXIE
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: Learning to Breathe
Genre: Rock
Year: 2000
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:43:22
Size: 309.82 MB

The maxim “the third time’s a charm” was surely invented for the latest offering from this San Diego-based surfing trio. After two albums that displayed great promise and potential (1997’s debut The Legend of Chin and the follow-up New Way to Be Human), Switchfoot blows down the doors and hits a major sprinter’s stride with Learning to Breathe.

This is a brilliant record. Musically it’s infinitely inventive-yet much more accessible than previous efforts. Lyrically it’s intelligent and poetic-yet more spiritually expressive than previous efforts. What’s more, the themes explored are quite global and broad-yet there’s still room for personal stories among the 11 songs.

The Foreman brothers-Jonathan on guitar, Tim on bass-and drummer Chad Butler have always excelled instrumentally. In fact, they’ve always been a bit too good, a mite too progressive and offbeat for wider acceptance. But on Learning to Breathe, Switchfoot manages to retain its inventive, jam-oriented style, in the context of catchy pop hooks and melodies. The very first song, “I Dare You to Move,” is about as far from quirky as you can get. It’s the kind of sweeping, grand anthem that a band like Delirious would write, complete with a goosebump-inducing vocal chorus that’s destined to take up permanent residence inside any number of brains. Next, the title track employs the ethereal-type guitar harmonics that made U2 famous, along with electronic and acoustic drums, combining to create the backdrop for an insightful song about repentance and dependence upon God. “You Already Take Me There,” a driving track that borders on grunge metal in the choruses yet showcases Switchfoot’s Squeeze-like vocals, continues the aforementioned theme.

The most evocative track on the album, “Love Is the Movement,” wins the day with standout elements like the chorus’ gospel-tinged vocals and the bass guitar’s high-note riffing. The melody ain’t bad, either. Switchfoot has more than come into its own with Learning to Breathe. And the band should win a whole new flock of fans because of it. — Dave Urbanski (c) 2000 CCM Communications, Inc. — From CCM Magazine


  1. Switchfoot – I Dare You to Move – 4:08 (1038 kbps , 30.66 MB)
  2. Switchfoot – Learning to Breathe – 4:35 (1008 kbps , 33.09 MB)
  3. Switchfoot – You Already Take Me There – 2:43 (1024 kbps , 19.87 MB)
  4. Switchfoot – Love Is the Movement – 5:10 (1044 kbps , 38.61 MB)
  5. Switchfoot – Poparazzi – 3:20 (1011 kbps , 24.16 MB)
  6. Switchfoot – Innocence Again – 3:28 (921 kbps , 22.88 MB)
  7. Switchfoot – Playing for Keeps – 3:44 (1024 kbps , 27.36 MB)
  8. Switchfoot – The Loser – 3:40 (945 kbps , 24.82 MB)
  9. Switchfoot – The Economy of Mercy – 3:56 (927 kbps , 26.09 MB)
  10. Switchfoot – Erosion – 3:23 (979 kbps , 23.64 MB)
  11. Switchfoot – Living Is Simple – 5:19 (1016 kbps , 38.62 MB)

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