Artist: Skrillex
Title: Recess
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 2014
Duration: 00:46:29
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/44,1kHz
Label: OWSLA/Big Beat/ATL

Recess was conceived and recorded in Los Angeles, Seattle, Seoul, London, Stockholm, San Francisco & Brooklyn with guests like Ragga Twins, Chance The Rapper, Diplo, Passion Pit vocalist Michael Angelakos, OWSLA stars Kill The Noise, Alvin Risk & up-comers Milo & Otis to name just a handful. The record sees Skrillex delivering on his promise as a fully-fledged musician, taking the listener by the wrist for a celestial reconciliation with innocence, escape, passion, and love while pulling from every imaginable influence within and outside of electronic music.

Sonny Moore, better known as electronic visionary SKRILLEX is part of a generation of artists that refuse to be restricted by preconceived notions or outside expectations. “Genre has never been important to me,” he insists. “I’ve never thought about music that way.”

SKRILLEX stands not only at the vanguard of electronic dance music, but the perpetually evolving new music industry as a whole.

“For me, it’s important to believe in and love the music you’re making. I gave away my first EP on my manager’s website, just so people could hear the music,” he enthuses. “It was downloaded by the thousands in just a couple of months, and it hasn’t let up since. That’s all the inspiration I need to keep making music.


  1. All Is Fair In Love And Brostep – 4:09
  2. Recess – 3:58
  3. Stranger – 4:50
  4. Try It Out – 3:49
  5. Coast Is Clear – 4:04
  6. Dirty Vibe – 3:27
  7. Ragga Bomb – 4:19
  8. Doompy Poomp – 3:25
  9. Fuck That – 3:50
  10. Ease My Mind – 5:03
  11. Fire Away – 5:43