Artist: Shai Maestro
Title: The Road To Ithaca
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2013
Duration: 01:02:09
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/44,1kHz
Label: Laborie Jazz

After five years with Avishai Cohen, Israeli pianist Shai Maestro struck out with his own trio — his eponymous first record was one of the bestselling jazz albums in France in 2012. Once again tightly linked in with the same team Jorge Roeder (double bass) and Ziv Ravitz (drums), Maestro offers a series of new compositions illustrating a rich and exciting musical universe.

Pianist Shai Maestro was born in Israel on February 5th 1987. He began playing classical piano at the age of 5. His first exposure to jazz music was at the age of 8, listening to Oscar Peterson’s “Gershwin Songbook”…

In May 2011 Maestro departed from Avishai Cohen’s band to pursue his way as a band leader, composer and arranger. Shai Maestro Trio was formed in July 2010 after a session in studio in Brooklyn. The other two members of the trio, Israeli drummer Ziv Ravitz and Peruvian bassist Jorge Roeder reside in NY as well. “The connection between the 3 of us was so strong that we naturally became a band. It was very obvious” Says Maestro. Since then, the trio has been touring world wide, playing in festivals, concerts halls and jazz clubs receiving incredible response from audiences all over. Their debut album, simply named “Shai Maestro Trio” was released under the french label Laborie and immediately found it’s place in iTunes top 5 jazz chart in France.


  1. Gal – 9:09
  2. Cinema G – 3:58
  3. Let Sound Be Sound – 1:55
  4. Paradox – 8:12
  5. Untold – 5:31
  6. Invisible Thread – 4:45
  7. Zvuv (The Fly) – 8:50
  8. The Other Road for Naomi Gangi – 4:00
  9. Vertigo – 4:04
  10. Malka Moma – 3:38
  11. Water Dance (Bonus Track) – 8:12