Artist: Paolo Conte
Title: Amazing Game – Instrumental Music
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2016
Duration: 01:06:32
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Label: Decca/London

Paolo Conte has captivated audiences the world over for the past four decades. With his gruff voice and unmistakable style, he tells the tales of his humorous but poignant views of the world through his music. Amazing Game is the first-ever instrumental album by the Italian singer/songwriter and consists of recordings made at different times (from the ’90s to the present day), for soundtracks of theatre productions and for experimental purposes — all showing off his skills in improvisation.

“Amazing Game — Instrumental Music” Author’s introduction. This repertoire consists of recordings made at different times (from the 90s to the present day), for sound tracks of theatre productions and for study and experimental purposes, that I had very carefully tucked away at the back of various drawers. And now they are being released in disc-form in agreement with Decca. Lots of words and lots of improvisation. One such track is “F.F.F.F.” (For four free friends), another is “Fuga nell’Amazzonia in re minore” (Escape in Amazonia in D minor) in which the “hard core” of my musicians jam with me in a free session (I don’t mean free jazz, just free) — I’m on the piano leading with a few structured bits and spur-of-the-moment sequences and the others are following me and improvising with great skill and complicity, proof of what cloud level we were on at the time! The tracks are very varied in style and always performed with great conviction and energy. This is how I’ve celebrated a wonderful friendship between myself and my dear musician friends and the pride of happy times immersed in music.


  1. Pomeriggio Zenzero – 4:24
  2. F.F.F.F. (For Four Free Friends) – 6:11
  3. En Bleu Marine – 1:32
  4. Song In D Flat – 1:56
  5. P.U.B.S.A.G. (Passa Una Bionda Sugli Anni Grigi) – 4:12
  6. Amazing Game – 4:39
  7. Zama – 1:26
  8. À la provençale – 1:08
  9. Serenata Rustica – 2:00
  10. La Danse – 1:43
  11. Zinia – 4:39
  12. The Bridge – 0:59
  13. Largo Sonata Per O.R. – 4:30
  14. Fuga Nell’Amazzonia In Re Minore – 5:27
  15. Sharon – 1:59
  16. Tips – 1:45
  17. Rumbomania – 1:57
  18. Mannequins Tango – 2:23
  19. Novelty Step – 1:42
  20. La Valse Fauve – 2:09
  21. Gli Amici Manichini – 1:49
  22. Changes All In Your Arms – 4:02
  23. Sirat Al Bunduqiyyah – 4:07