Michelle Tumes - Center Of My Universe (2000) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Michelle_Tumes-Center_Of_My_Universe-CD-FLAC-2000-FLACME
Artist: Michelle Tumes
Album: Center Of My Universe
Genre: Pop
Year: 2000
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:35:19
Size: 227.34 MB

Michelle Tumes’s sophomore release delivers what her debut, Listen, left fans longing for more of. This atmospheric journey invades the senses. Her musical meditations carry the intensity of the calm before a storm, lingering in the airy peacefulness of a euphoric dream. The vocals have both conceptual and intimate qualities. Enraptured melodies and soft texture convey a personal encounter with the loftiest truths in the universe with lyrics firmly fastened in an embrace of God’s love. Though Tumes’s music has been compared to the sounds of Enya, some of the tracks on this release move in a new direction. But even then, the wonder that permeates her music is not lost. Truly, if there is a sound in the heavens that can be heard with human ears, no one has come closer to capturing it than Michelle Tumes. She sings, “I’m with the angels”–and one cannot doubt it. –Israel Button

If Michelle Tumes fans perceive this songwriting wunderkind’s personality as completely reflective of her musical style (i.e., ethereal, mystical, quiet), her fine new record, Center of My Universe, will expand their collective horizons.

An initial glimpse into Tumes’ more aggressive side is found on the opening track, “Deep Love,” which is anchored by a galloping backbeat. With its often whispered vocals and atmospheric strings juxtaposed with the angular tempo, this variation on the hymn, “Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” captures the more complex persona Tumes endeavors to reveal.

Further evidence of this trend is found on “Do Ya,” the most enjoyable piece of music on Center of My Universe-and the biggest surprise. “Do Ya” poses simple-yet-personal questions relating to how God loves Tumes despite imperfections. Tumes should explore rock ‘n’ roll more often.

The rest of Center of My Universe is on the quiet side, but Tumes manages some cool left turns with these cuts as well. “Chant,” inspired by her visit to an Orthodox church, is a gorgeous, simple tune with multiple voices and violins that segues into “Christe Eleison” (Latin for “Christ have mercy”), with its smart, worldbeat musical backbone. -Dave Urbanski — From CCM Magazine — Subscribe Now!


  1. Michelle Tumes – Deep Love – 4:05 (959 kbps , 27.95 MB)
  2. Michelle Tumes – Heavens Heart – 3:20 (977 kbps , 23.29 MB)
  3. Michelle Tumes – Lovely – 4:00 (839 kbps , 23.98 MB)
  4. Michelle Tumes – do ya – 2:38 (995 kbps , 18.73 MB)
  5. Michelle Tumes – Immortal – 3:55 (963 kbps , 27.02 MB)
  6. Michelle Tumes – missing you – 3:48 (934 kbps , 25.43 MB)
  7. Michelle Tumes – With The Angels – 4:32 (921 kbps , 29.88 MB)
  8. Michelle Tumes – chant – 2:37 (805 kbps , 15.03 MB)
  9. Michelle Tumes – Christe Eleison – 3:09 (905 kbps , 20.4 MB)
  10. Michelle Tumes – I Wish For Peace – 3:21 (653 kbps , 15.63 MB)

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