Artist: Laurent Coulondre
Title: Gravity Zero
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 00:46:28
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/88,2kHz
Label: Sound Surveyor Music

Laurent Coulondre doesn’t just play keyboards, he merges with them. The young Frenchman says that he immerses himself totally into the “deep world” of his keyboards. This world can sometimes resemble an Escher-like maze: just when you think you’ve found the way out, you find yourself somewhere else. Coulondre’s music is funky and would not be out of place on Miles Davis’ On The Corner — yet it never sounds dated — if only because of the youthful energy of his playing. Coulondre’s whole body swings with the music as he loses himself in thrilling solos. In his homeland he is a popular sideman and he has played on the albums of trumpeter Nicolas Folmer and others. Coulondre’s latest album Gravity Zero was released this year. On it you can hear the exuberance that he will undoubtedly bring to the stage at the North Sea Jazz Festival.


  1. Nitro – 3:08
  2. Absolutely Not – 4:54
  3. Gravity Zero – 4:36
  4. Ballade sous les pommiers – 5:05
  5. Sticky Brushing – 2:02
  6. Egyptian Queen – 5:38
  7. Swingy Pencil – 5:41
  8. Koowang – 2:00
  9. Vamos Tío – 4:48
  10. Suspension Bridge – 3:24
  11. Song for DD (Bonus Track) – 5:17