Artist: Kenny Dorham
Title: The Complete ‘Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 1956
Duration: 02:02:51
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/192kHz
Label: Blue Note Records

During the spring and summer of 1956, trumpeter Kenny Dorham recorded two studio albums with his Jazz Prophets, a small hard bop band involving tenor saxophonist J.R. Monterose and a rhythm section of pianist Dick Katz, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Arthur Edgehill. On May 31 of that year, Dorham’s group performed live at the Caf Bohemia with Bobby Timmons at the piano and guitarist Kenny Burrell sitting in on all but the first of four sets. Originally engineered by Rudy Van Gelder and remastered by him in 2001, Blue Note’s 2002 double-disc “Complete” Dorham Caf Bohemia edition combines every usable track taped during this exceptionally fine evening of live jazz. The word “understated” has sometimes been used to describe the music played by Dorham’s band on this night in 1956; this is only appropriate if Dorham is compared with intense individuals like Fats Navarro or Dizzy Gillespie. Dorham’s jazz was perhaps more intimate and accessible precisely because his horn had an earthier tone, almost like that of a cornet. Sometimes compared with Ted Curson, Richard Williams or Freddie Hubbard, Dorham sounded a lot like the profoundly gifted and vastly underappreciated Johnny Coles, particularly during ballads like “Autumn in New York” and “Round Midnight.” There are also intimations of Miles Davis, Nat Adderley and even young Don Cherry. This music is designed for relaxing and grooving out. It will greatly assist anyone who is traveling by night or trying to make it through to the end of another day.


  1. K.D.’s Blues (alt. take) [1st set] – 10:44
  2. Autumn In New York [1st set] – 4:47
  3. Monaco (alt. take) [1st set] – 5:37
  4. N.Y. Theme [1st set] – 5:39
  5. K.D.’s Blues [2nd set] – 9:29
  6. Hill’s Edge [2nd set] – 8:17
  7. A Night In Tunisia [2nd set] – 9:34
  8. Who Cares? (alt. take) [2nd set] – 5:05
  9. Royal Roost [2nd set] – 8:39
  10. Mexico City [3rd set] – 5:59
  11. ‘Round Midnight [3rd set] – 7:48
  12. Monaco [3rd set] – 6:37
  13. Who Cares? [3rd set] – 6:20
  14. My Heart Stood Still [3rd set] – 7:50
  15. Riffin’ [4th set] – 7:46
  16. Mexico City (alt. take) [4th set] – 6:30
  17. The Prophet [4th set] – 6:19