Kelly Moran - Ultraviolet (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Kelly_Moran-Ultraviolet-(WARPCD297)-CD-FLAC-2018-WRE
Artist: Kelly Moran
Album: Ultraviolet
Genre: Electronic
Year: 2018
Tracks: 7
Duration: 00:44:58
Size: 248.33 MB

Kelly Moran is a quintessential contemporary Warp artist. She’s carved out a lane that is all her own, one that touches on electronic experimentation with attention to detail and dedication to craft, all hallmark traits of our classic artists. Highly accomplished and trained on her instrument of choice, the piano, she comes to Warp as a maverick of that world and a desire to push beyond it. Kelly’s creative influences extend far outside of the academic / classical space. She’s a natural fan of Black Metal and Metro Boomin equally, and sees Ultraviolet as ‘elegant psychedelia’. She presents herself as honest, approachable, quirky, and confident in her vision without any pretension. Born in New York, Kelly’s made ends meet as a working musician in bands and accompanying at dance-schools. She’s built an organic following in the contemporary classical music circles, with many fans in high places at press & in the live realm. An ideal artist at a time when albums like hers are feeling more and more relevant to the larger world of popular music.


  1. Kelly Moran – Autowave – 3:10 (776 kbps , 17.52 MB)
  2. Kelly Moran – Helix – 8:48 (869 kbps , 54.74 MB)
  3. Kelly Moran – Water Music – 6:30 (679 kbps , 31.54 MB)
  4. Kelly Moran – Nereid – 10:07 (804 kbps , 58.21 MB)
  5. Kelly Moran – In Parallel – 6:21 (752 kbps , 34.12 MB)
  6. Kelly Moran – Halogen – 7:16 (792 kbps , 41.12 MB)
  7. Kelly Moran – Radian – 2:51 (544 kbps , 11.08 MB)

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