Artist: Jan Gunnar Hoff
Title: Stories
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2016
Duration: 00:56:57
Quality: Digital eXtreme Definition FLAC Stereo 24bit/352,8kHz
Label: 2L (Lindberg Lyd)

“Music for me, as pianist and composer, is a quest for depth and a quest to find a bridge between my emotions and the piano. When I begin I am uncertain about where the journey will take me and how it will end. It is important that compositions and improvisations constitute a natural whole. And classic songs like “God Only Knows” are stories and they must be told in a personal manner. Putting it all together in an album is exciting and rewarding.” — Jan Gunnar Hoff

STORIES is Jan Gunnar Hoff’s third solo piano album on the 2L label and is a sequel to his critically acclaimed album LIVING from 2013. On the new release Hoff stretches his creative abilities, presenting contrasting compositions and improvisations, in a distinctly personal mixture. Some of the pieces are meditative and expressive, while others have a strong rhythmic vibe. Stories also displays Hoff as an arranger, presenting versions of classics like “God Only Knows” and the traditional Swedish folk song “Vrmlandsvisan”.


  1. Värmlandsvisan – 4:39
  2. The Elder – 4:49
  3. Playground – 3:34
  4. God Only Knows – 3:56
  5. Absence – 3:46
  6. Figment I – 2:49
  7. Good Things – 3:19
  8. Answer Me – 4:23
  9. Figment II – 2:50
  10. Within – 4:36
  11. Stranger – 2:52
  12. Blossom – 5:04
  13. Figment III – 2:01
  14. Journey Home – 3:47
  15. Reminiscence – 4:39