James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet - Jesup Wagon (2021) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: James_Brandon_Lewis_and_Red_Lily_Quintet-Jesup_Wagon-(TAO05)-CD-FLAC-2021-HOUND
Artist: James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet
Album: Jesup Wagon
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2021
Tracks: 7
Duration: 00:51:11
Size: 322.16 MB

‘Jesup Wagon’ is an astonishing work from the fertile creative mind of ascendant tenor saxophonist/composer James Brandon Lewis. Voted Rising Star Tenor Saxophonist in the 2020 DownBeat Magazine International Critic’s Poll, for his ninth release he leads the Red Lily Quintet, an exceptional inter-generational ensemble assembled specifically for this project. CD edition packaged in deluxe digipak with 8-panel full-colour insert.

The album speaks eloquently to the forever-evolving continuum of the jazz tradition. Essentially a collection of tone poems – or, as Duke Ellington might have called them, “tone parallels” – Duke being the instigator of this type of programmatic jazz. Poetry in music is what we get in this new masterpiece. ‘Jesup Wagon’ is an evocative appreciation of the life and legacy of turn-of-the-19th century African-American musician-painter-writer-scientist George Washington Carver.

The album consists of seven pieces that create a portrait of stunning clarity and depth. ‘Jesup Wagon’ marks another remarkable step for James as player and composer. Helping him out on this release is the Red Lily Quintet, anchored by the tectonic rhythm section of bassist William Parker and drummer Chad Taylor, and rounded out by cornetist Kirk Knuffke and cellist Chris Hoffman. The album also features liner notes by the great American historian Robin D.G. Kelley, who in 2009 released the definitive Monk biography ‘Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original’.

Personnel: James Brandon Lewis (tenor saxophone, compositions), Kirk Knuffke (cornet), William Parker (bass, gimbri), Chris Hoffman (cello), Chad Taylor (drums, mbira)


  1. James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet – Jesup Wagon – 6:23 (872 kbps , 39.79 MB)
  2. James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet – Lowlands of Sorrow – 7:03 (931 kbps , 46.96 MB)
  3. James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet – Arachis – 8:30 (992 kbps , 60.3 MB)
  4. James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet – Fallen Flowers – 6:49 (766 kbps , 37.35 MB)
  5. James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet – Experiment Station – 8:37 (931 kbps , 57.37 MB)
  6. James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet – Seer – 4:02 (689 kbps , 19.85 MB)
  7. James Brandon Lewis & Red Lily Quintet – Chemurgy – 9:53 (857 kbps , 60.55 MB)

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