James Bay - Electric Light (2018) [FLAC] Download

Artist: James Bay
Title: Electric Light
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 2018
Duration: 00:59:04
Quality: FLAC Stereo 16bit/44,1kHz
Size: 383.27 MB
Tracks: 17
Source: James_Bay-Electric_Light-Deluxe_Edition-CD-FLAC-2018-CHS

Following the success of his multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated debut album, Chaos & The Calm, James Bay to release highly anticipated album, Electric Light, on 5/18 via Republic Records. Album includes current single ‘Wild Love,’ which recently entered Top 20 at Hot AC radio & continues to gain traction. James will headline a SOLD-OUT US tour, which will launch on 3/25 in Seattle. Additionally, there will be multiple media appearances & performances to support the album, including a major look on Saturday Night Live.

Don’t ignore the promise of kinetic crackle that lies within the title of Electric Light, James Bay’s 2018 sequel to his 2015 debut, Chaos and the Calm. Bay didn’t bother with such tacky modern accouterments as electronic rhythms and pitch-shifted vocals on Chaos and the Calm, preferring a burnished, handsome classicism. All of that is thrown out the window on Electric Light, a loose concept album tracing the rise and fall of a romance, all set to modern soul grooves and bright neon hooks. The sonic shift is startling, but Bay grounds his second album with the same sturdy songcraft of Chaos and the Calm, so Electric Light is hardly all flash and style: beneath its glitter and blare, the songs are tight, melodic, and memorable, worming their way into the subconscious with ease. Still, the initial appeal of Electric Light — and one that doesn’t wane with repeated plays — is how the album is vibrant, colorful, and alive in a way that Bay’s debut simply wasn’t. It sparkles with digital textures that give plenty of space for Bay to sing with a soulful abandon, a quality that wasn’t necessarily evident on Chaos and the Calm either. Admirers of the deliberateness of the debut may find Electric Light a bit too slick and modern, yet that’s precisely the album’s appeal: Bay never seems like he’s pandering; he sounds thrilled that he has a chance to make the kind of layered, genre-bending pop that he wants to make, and listeners may well find that freedom alluring.


  1. James Bay – Intro – 1:00
  2. James Bay – Wasted On Each Other – 3:58
  3. James Bay – Pink Lemonade – 4:15
  4. James Bay – Wild Love – 3:17
  5. James Bay – Us – 3:01
  6. James Bay – In My Head – 3:07
  7. James Bay – Interlude – 1:02
  8. James Bay – Just For Tonight – 3:37
  9. James Bay – Wanderlust – 4:16
  10. James Bay – I Found You – 5:07
  11. James Bay – Sugar Drunk High – 3:40
  12. James Bay – Stand Up – 4:59
  13. James Bay – Fade Out – 3:53
  14. James Bay – Slide – 3:24
  15. James Bay – Wild Love (Acoustic) – 3:09
  16. James Bay – Pink Lemonade (Acoustic) – 4:23
  17. James Bay – Us (Acoustic) – 3:03

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