Artist: Isaac Delusion
Title: Isaac Delusion (Qobuz Studio Masters)
Genre: Electro/Pop
Release Date: 2014
Duration: 00:55:31
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/44,1kHz
Label: Parlophone

About two years ago, we came across a fairly obscure song entitled “Transistors”. It was an intriguing blend of folk and electronic at the time it came out, but nothing more, at least, in terms of integration into a greater body of work. Now, two momentous years later, Isaac Delusion has returned to the Hillydilly pages with an outstanding full-length album, and what was once just a creative experiment has fully blossomed into a well-defined, unique sound of its own. After several EP releases, it’s obvious that the French band has finally perfected their craft with their very first, self-titled album, Isaac Delusion.

The second song on the album, “Midnight Sun”, happened to be released a couple of years ago, but its feature on the album makes now an excellent time to call attention to it once again. The piece’s smooth sonic array is composed of ethereal synths, subtle bass, harmonic vocal chops, ticking percussion, and Loic Fleury’s tranquil vocals, and afterwards comes “Pandora’s Box”, providing more upbeat sounds that completely differ in structure from the previous one. Layers of guitar plucks pile up atop a beat of claps, kicks, and hats, but the real magic occurs when the bongo drum summons a wave of jungle percussion amidst a shadowy soundscape.

“Early Morning” is closer to the end of the album, but even then, Isaac Delusion presents a new side to their sound. A soulful guitar and bass riff cycles over a modest drum kit, both of which compose the foundation of the track. Celestial synths grow and shrink, while an oscillating electronic hum floats about the backdrop, altogether constituting a gleaming affair with Fleury’s light vocals coasting alongside. A smoother sound is later presented with “A Little Bit Too High” through its funk-infused bass guitar plucks, warm guitar strums, and engaging synth chords.

We’re absolutely taken aback by how eclectic Isaac Delusion’s sound is, and our amazement is only further increased with ensuing track, “Land Of Gold”. The song begins as a serene ballad, but then gradually picks up pace, evolving through stages of intense percussion and synths until it’s all spontaneously pulled away, leaving a funk-emitting segment before building once again. Finally, we wrap up our highlights with the most ethereal track of all, “If I Fall”. The song is a serene journey through some acoustic guitar, gentle soundscapes, and emotive vocals.

It’s safe to say that Isaac Delusion has entirely and unexpectedly wowed us here at Hillydilly, and we hope that you find the same amazement in his music that we do.


  1. The Child You Were – 6:14
  2. Midnight Sun – 3:54
  3. She Pretends – 4:05
  4. Pandora’s Box – 4:44
  5. Children of the Night – 4:50
  6. Land of Gold – 5:11
  7. The Devil’s Hand – 3:52
  8. If I Fall – 6:41
  9. A Little Bit Too High – 4:18
  10. Early Morning – 3:16
  11. Dragons – 4:01
  12. Sleepwalking – 4:28