Artist: Henri Texier, Manu Codjia, Edward Perraud, Michel Portal, Thomas de Pourquery, Bojan Z
Title: Concert anniversaire 30 ans de Label Bleu
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 01:10:21
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Label: Label Bleu

Here is an exceptional album, released on the occasion of the anniversary concert of 30 years of the label aminois. To celebrate this date, the label offered a carte blanche to this musician faithful among all who recorded about twenty albums on Blue label, namely the bassist Henri Texier. For the occasion, he was accompanied by some friends of European jazz, old companions like Michel Portal, Bojan Z. but also improvisers who contributed more recently to the history of the label, as Xavier de Pourquery. Not to mention the talented Manu Codjia, Edward Perraud who contribute in their own way to renew, prolong the spirit of this original French label.


  1. Colonel Skopje – 7:02
  2. Mucho Calor – 7:15
  3. Don’t Buy Ivory Anymore – 9:24
  4. Barth’s Groove – 11:27
  5. Y’a des vautours au Cambodge ?… – 11:34
  6. Desaparecido – 11:42
  7. Noises – 12:01