Glad - Color Outside The Lines (1995) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Glad-Color_Outside_The_Lines-CD-FLAC-1995-FLACME
Artist: Glad
Album: Color Outside The Lines
Genre: Rock
Year: 1995
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:45:05
Size: 309.71 MB

Color Outside the Lines finds GLAD reclaiming its long tradition as both an instrumental and vocal band. For close observers of the group, the direction of this recording will come as no surprise. “It’s a matter of being true to what we are,” says Ed Nalle. “The guys in GLAD have always seen themselves as players and singers. While the a cappella material has expanded our audience and ministry in a great way, we don’t want to be one dimensional. We feel like it’s important to continue to do what comes naturally, that is, to utilize the gifts God has given us — instrumental and vocal.” For the first time in some years GLAD has collaborated with new producers. Mark Baldwin, a Nashville session guitarist, artist (Brentwood Jazz Quartet), and GLAD alumnus from the early ’80’s, seemed the perfect candidate to draw the best out of the band in the studio. For his outstanding programming abilities and pop sensibility, the group elected to work with long-time friend and producer, Joe Hogue (Larnelle Harris, DC Talk, Billy and Sarah Gaines ). The result: a collection of the most artful, accessible tunes recorded by the band in a decade.

Through all the recent changes the band’s sense of purpose behind all their work in the studio and on the road remains clear. “The music we do is entertaining, but our ministry’s confrontational,” says Ed Nalle. “We feel called to explain to people who the Jesus is that we’re singing about, and that His ministry among us demands a response. We tell people about sin, about the consequences of sin, and that Jesus came so that we could avoid those consequences and have a joyful, abundant life. We entertain, and we challenge, and that’s what we’re going to continue to do.”

“Glad members… have crafted an album that is a musical celebration, buoyed by strong vocals, soaring harmonies, and uplifting lyrics. The group infuses these lively pop songs with a sense of joy that permeates both the uptempo numbers and the slower pieces.” — Billboard, May 13, ’95


  1. Glad – God Is On The Throne – 4:16 (1016 kbps , 30.96 MB)
  2. Glad – Fatih Makes – 4:52 (912 kbps , 31.77 MB)
  3. Glad – Color Outside The Lines – 3:58 (997 kbps , 28.29 MB)
  4. Glad – Angels Dance – 4:38 (982 kbps , 32.6 MB)
  5. Glad – Show The Way – 4:49 (953 kbps , 32.8 MB)
  6. Glad – Fuel For The Fire – 4:04 (1004 kbps , 29.17 MB)
  7. Glad – If You Look – 4:40 (913 kbps , 30.45 MB)
  8. Glad – Justice For All – 4:09 (989 kbps , 29.3 MB)
  9. Glad – The One Who Loves Me Most – 4:14 (1003 kbps , 30.37 MB)
  10. Glad – Every Single One – 5:32 (858 kbps , 33.99 MB)

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