Artist: Francoise Hardy
Title: Comment te dire adieu
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 1968
Duration: 00:30:57
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Label: Parlophone France

This may not rate as highly as her best mid-’60s recordings, which are less MOR-oriented. That stated, it’s about as good as late-’60s MOR Continental pop gets, with tastefully imaginative orchestration, strong melodies, and sexy vocals. It’s perhaps even sadder and more sentimental than was the norm for Francoise–she perpetually seems to be singing as though she’s gazing out of a deserted chateau on a rainy afternoon. She largely forsakes original material here (although a couple cuts bear her writing credit), and offers fine, haunting French interpretations of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne,” and Phil Ochs’ “There But for Fortune,” and Ricky Nelson’s “Lonesome Town.”


  1. Comment Te Dire Adieu – 2:28
  2. Où Va La Chance – 3:12
  3. L’anamour – 2:14
  4. Suzanne – 3:06
  5. Il N’y A Pas D’amour Heureux – 2:19
  6. La Mésange – 2:17
  7. Parlez-Moi De Lui – 2:36
  8. A Quoi Ça Sert – 3:31
  9. Il Vaut Mieux Une Petite Maison Dans La Main Qu’un Grand Château Dans Les Nuages – 2:22
  10. La Rue Des Coeurs Perdus – 2:06
  11. Etonnez-Moi, Benoît (Version Single) – 3:01
  12. La Mer, Les Étoiles Et Le Vent – 1:52