Folios - Dispatch (2021) FLAC Download

Release Name: Folios-Dispatch-CD-FLAC-2021-FATHEAD
Artist: Folios
Album: Dispatch
Genre: Indie
Year: 2021
Tracks: 11
Duration: 35:26
Format: FLAC, (tracks)
Size: 203 MB

Dispatch started as demos from a rough patch in the fall of 2020, in which I checked off a lot of cliched rock guy boxes. Following a bit of a health scare, I quit drinking, bought a guitar for the first time in fifteen years, started writing again with a fervor I hadn’t had in almost as long, and made a record about love, depression, family, friends, bars, jail, music scenes, and something resembling redemption. I started playing the tunes for a few friends, whom I trust and love, and was encouraged to put something out from these dozens of tunes.

I kept adding to the demos, playing all the instruments I had around the basement-some I know how to play well, and others…not so much-and singing harmonies where I could find them. Usually with my dog Cooley sitting across from me, non-plussed. I took the tracks to my old friend Tom Herbers who mixed and mastered the album.

After twenty years of releasing music under my own name, I decided to make this a fresh start and a new band. I wanted something literary and not *too* pretentious and most importantly wasn’t already taken. Folios it was. I gathered up some friends to round out the Folios live band that debuted in July of 2021.

released October 8, 2021

1. Folios – Count The Sunrise (04:16)
2. Folios – Little White Lies (02:48)
3. Folios – Landlocked (02:35)
4. Folios – Bad Penny (03:06)
5. Folios – Better Off Ashes (03:27)
6. Folios – No Line In The Sand (02:13)
7. Folios – Weekend Holiday (02:51)
8. Folios – Porch Song (03:05)
9. Folios – 4508 (04:44)
10. Folios – Year Of Palindromes (03:34)
11. Folios – Moving Shadow (02:44)

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