Father John Misty - God's Favorite Customer (2018) [FLAC] Download

Artist: Father John Misty
Title: God’s Favorite Customer
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: 2018
Duration: 00:38:37
Quality: FLAC Stereo 16bit/44,1kHz
Size: 234.57 MB
Tracks: 10
Source: Father_John_Misty-Gods_Favorite_Customer-CD-FLAC-2018-FATHEAD

New 2018 album from Josh Tillman … hot on the heels of 2017’s “Pure Comedy”! Part-produced by Jonathan Rado from Foxygen. Cameos by Natalie Mering (Weyes Blood), Jonathan Wilson and The Haxan Cloak. Includes “Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All” and “Mr Tillman”.

Compared to Pure Comedy, the 2017 album that spread out over the course of 75 minutes, God’s Favorite Customer feels light and breezy. That’s intentional, of course. Father John Misty never makes a move that isn’t considered, and God’s Favorite Customer is designed to be the digestif after a multi-course feast: a palette cleanser that riffs upon the flavors lingering on the tongue. Josh Tillman may strip away the excesses of Pure Comedy — there isn’t a track that comes close to ten minutes; the longest are just barely over five minutes — but he still favors stately ballads that conjure the ghost of early Elton John, the troubadour who created burnished epics instead of sprightly pop tunes. Misty may have a way with a melody, particularly ones with a melodramatic flair, along with a fondness for lush, louche surroundings, a combination that carries a sordid allure, but he’s also compelled to undercut his appeal by stepping on his own rakishness. God’s Favorite Customer is littered with asides and in-jokes, peaking with the winking self-parody of “Mr. Tillman” and bottoming on “The Palace,” where Tillman offers the revelation “Last night I wrote a poem/Man, I must’ve been in the poem zone.” As Tillman’s voice is pushed to the front of the mix — there’s no hiding from the many words of this singer/songwriter — it’s difficult to avoid his lyrics, which will either play as devilishly clever or solipsistic slop depending on your perspective. Then again, that double edge is also by design: Father John Misty means to provoke and soothe in equal measure, which is precisely what he does on God’s Favorite Customer.


  1. Father John Misty – Hangout At The Gallows – 4:56
  2. Father John Misty – Mr. Tillman – 3:04
  3. Father John Misty – Just Dumb Enough To Try – 4:02
  4. Father John Misty – Date Night – 2:30
  5. Father John Misty – Please Don’t Die – 3:24
  6. Father John Misty – The Palace – 4:09
  7. Father John Misty – Disappointing Diamonds Are The Rarest Of Them All – 2:23
  8. Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer – 5:22
  9. Father John Misty – The Songwriter – 3:46
  10. Father John Misty – We’re Only People (And There’s Not Much Anyone Can Do About That) – 5:04

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