Artist: Everlast
Title: The Life Acoustic
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2013
Duration: 00:45:04
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/44,1kHz
Label: Martyr Inc Records

The Life Acoustic is the newest album by House of Pain front-man Everlast. The songs on the album are from previous Everlast records that were largely ignored, re-done in an acoustic, stripped-down setting. There’s even an acoustic version of “Jump Around”, House of Pain’s most famous 1992 hit.

Everlast refashioned himself into a badass troubadour only a few years after pulling the plug on House of Pain, so his release of an all-acoustic album isn’t such a surprise (although it has to be said, the Wes Anderson parody of the title and artwork of The Life Acoustic is indeed a shock). Strictly speaking, the 12 songs on The Life Acoustic aren’t just Everlast-with-guitar. There are some subtle additions of keyboards or another six-string and, when he gets around to singing the immortal HOP song “Jump Around,” there’s a rhythm section, too. This stripped-down setting emphasizes some lingering blues and country influences lying within his songs — listen to the swinging skip of “My Medicine” — and sometimes it makes him seem like a bit of a sensitive singer/songwriter. Either way, his songs are served well in this intimate setting and the record also reveals Everlast has a deeper catalog than some might think.


  1. Sad Girl – 4:35
  2. Black Jesus – 3:49
  3. Today – 4:56
  4. Broken – 4:48
  5. Stone in My Hand – 3:37
  6. Weakness – 3:52
  7. Children’s Story – 3:09
  8. Stay – 4:31
  9. My Medicine – 2:44
  10. Lonely Road – 3:45
  11. Grandma’s Hand – 1:59
  12. Jump Around? – 3:26