Esplendor Geometrico - Eurasia (2021) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Esplendor_Geometrico-Eurasia-Limited_Edition-VINYL-FLAC-2021-FWYH
Artist: Esplendor Geometrico
Album: Eurasia
Genre: Industrial
Year: 2021
Tracks: 4
Duration: 00:20:01
Size: 406.37 MB

To say we at HANDS are euphoric is definitely underrated – it’s not every day that you can announce a release by the legend that is Madrid-based act ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO “Eurasia” contains four all new EG tracks for 2021 and comes in 200 blue and yellow vinyl copies each, and in the digital format respectively. And for the historians: This gem comes a full 25 years after the EG contribution to our long sold-out 2/3 compilation.
The Esplendor Geométrico sound aesthetic has been a major influence on the HANDS label sound obviously, and the good 20 minutes of “Eurasia” feel like applying a magnifying glass to that: “A Largo Plazo” gets the trademark hypnotic percussion loops rolling, static hiss and undefined noises are woven into a dense backdrop for hoarse vocals. “El Despertar Del Gigante Asiático” features more upfront rhythms set off with a bleeping sound hook and what appears a mess of field-recorded voices – thus said, one can’t help but get captivated by the grinding groove. “La Ruta De La Seda” adds a substantial bass rumble and low-end dynamics, before “Eurasia” embraces sonic ethnology: Almost painfully slow, with a sinister ritual feel, the dense atmosphere working in a delicate contrast to the disruptive vocal… more

released September 10, 2021


  1. Esplendor Geometrico – A Largo Plazo – 5:01 (2789 kbps , 99.94 MB)
  2. Esplendor Geometrico – El Despertar Del Gigante Asiático – 5:01 (2927 kbps , 104.98 MB)
  3. Esplendor Geometrico – La Ruta De La Seda – 5:09 (2907 kbps , 106.95 MB)
  4. Esplendor Geometrico – Eurasia – 4:54 (2700 kbps , 94.5 MB)

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