Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio - Something Smells Funky 'Round Here (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Elvin_Bishops_Big_Fun_Trio-Something_Smells_Funky_Round_Here-CD-FLAC-2018-MUNDANE
Artist: Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio
Album: Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here
Genre: Blues
Year: 2018
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:35:55
Size: 213.61 MB

ELVIN BISHOP’S BIG FUN TRIO — Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here Deceptively loose but always tight…the raspy chuckle in Bishop’s singing and the sharp sting of his guitar are forceful and fresh, enduring and fun. –Fresh Air, NPR Raw and simple and utterly endearing. –RELIX Elvin Bishop has always been big fun and is the ringmaster in his own blues circus. With Willy Jordan and Bob Welsh, Bishop whomps out tough, muscular and rollicking boogie-infused blues. –No Depression Ever since Rock & Roll and Blues Hall Of Famer Elvin Bishop first hit the scene with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band back in 1965, he’s blazed his own musical trail. Whether he was playing blistering, eye-popping blues, or penning the evergreen radio hit Fooled Around And Fell In Love, or touring the world for decades delivering his original, good-time countrified blues, Bishop has always inspired his fans with his blistering guitar playing and witty, slice-of-life songs. Rolling Stone calls Bishop “a legendary guitarist” whose playing is “impeccable and spirited…a distinguished American player.” Late in 2015, Elvin Bishop formed The Big Fun Trio, with Bishop on guitar and vocals, and his friends Bob Welsh on piano and guitar and Willy Jordan on cajn (a hand-played Peruvian drumbox) and vocals. After playing just a handful of live dates, the group’s instantly crowd-pleasing music and undeniable chemistry took the blues world by storm. With the release of their self-titled CD in 2017, media and fan response was immediate and overwhelming. DownBeat celebrated Bishop’s “verbal hijinks, outstanding guitar work and country boy friendliness.” OffBeat said The Big Fun Trio was “intricate, funky and uplifting,” declaring them, “consistently great.” With its top-shelf musicianship and front-porch vibe, the album earned a Grammy Award nomination. The Big Fun Trio quickly discovered the more they played live, the more fun they had making music together. So a follow-up recording was an easy decision. The new album, Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here, finds the group fearlessly laying it all on the line. According to Elvin, “With a trio there’s no place to hide—you’ve got to be pourin’ everything you got right out front. You need to be totally into it all the time. It’s really cool to see how people react to the goin’-for-it feel of the music.” The album mixes rousing, new originals, reinventions of three Bishop classics and some unexpected, soul-shaking covers. Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here was produced by Bishop and Steve Savage and recorded at Bishop’s Hog Heaven Studio in Lagunitas, California. Bishop wrote or co-wrote five songs (including two by the entire trio). The potent title track — a tongue-in-cheek State Of The Union address as only Elvin can deliver — kicks the album off with Bishop aiming his lyrical truths at those in power. The humorous but piercingly direct lyrics take aim at the current political scene while Bishop’s deep blues guitar playing drives the point home. Lookin’ Good finds Bishop autobiographically gazing in the rearview mirror with sharp, wry lyrics accompanied by Welsh’s perfect blues piano. Willy Jordan sings lead on four songs, including blistering reinventions of Jackie Wilson’s Higher And Higher and Ann Peebles’ I Can’t Stand The Rain. Bob Welsh, whose guitar or piano playing highlight every song, pounds the ivories on his own Bob’s Boogie. “This album fell together easily,” says Bishop. “Everything I visualized about the songs — from Bob’s playing to Willy’s singing, came true. Bob and Willy are great musicians.” According to San Francisco Bay native Jordan, who has decades of experience playing drums with artists including John Lee Hooker, Joe Louis Walker and Angela Strehli, playing in the Big Fun Trio is “crazy different. It’s rootsy but also new. We all stayed simple to stay strong.” Wels…


  1. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here – 3:07 (771 kbps , 17.19 MB)
  2. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher – 4:42 (842 kbps , 28.35 MB)
  3. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – Right Now Is The Hour – 3:28 (877 kbps , 21.79 MB)
  4. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – Another Mule – 3:44 (713 kbps , 19.05 MB)
  5. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – That’s The Way Willy Likes It – 3:49 (776 kbps , 21.19 MB)
  6. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – Bob’s Boogie – 2:32 (951 kbps , 17.21 MB)
  7. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – I Can’t Stand The Rain – 4:09 (847 kbps , 25.1 MB)
  8. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – Stomp – 3:11 (852 kbps , 19.44 MB)
  9. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – Lookin’ – 3:38 (775 kbps , 20.15 MB)
  10. Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – My Soul – 3:38 (930 kbps , 24.15 MB)

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