Electric Six - Bride Of The Devil (2018) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Electric_Six-Bride_Of_The_Devil-(MET_1132)-CD-FLAC-2018-WRE
Artist: Electric Six
Album: Bride Of The Devil
Genre: Rock
Year: 2018
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:35:05
Size: 255.92 MB

The Devil has always been there. He’s the original iconoclast. Capable of taking many forms, he can exist as one or spread out amongst many. He can appear as an ordinary man or as a horrific cloven-hoofed beast depending on his mood. He is a conniving little ****. Above all else, The Devil lives to corrupt, adulterate, defile. Electric Six has often used The Devil in its songs because of that last bit, the part about corruption & adulteration. That’s what Electric Six has been trying to do with its music! To corrupt young women, just like The Devil! There’s nothing more rewarding than the seduction of a young innocent maiden, forcing her to wear demonic dresses, levitating her towards the great fiery skull & watching her eyes turn black as she gives into evil & becomes the bride of The Devil! With its 14th album, Bride of the Devil, Electric Six examines evil & corruption, humanity’s various falls from grace, the nine circles of purgatory & of course, the internet itself. The Bride Of Devil opens with the thunderous opener The Opener, a bombastic celebration of arena rock. Then comes devilish ear worm guitar pop numbers that deal with debilitating income inequality & nepotism, the horrors of being forced into a pool of toxic waste by a rabid Doberman trained to kill, & more. Then we get to the title track, a radio anthem, where it all becomes clear that The Devil is a metaphor for Russia & the United States is the young girl who is seduced, corrupted & wedded into a Satanic covenant with the beast. It’s all there in black & white. The Carrie Underwood-esque lyrics alongside a backdrop of vodka & caviar & backchannels & Seychllian bank accounts. That’s how they did it. They went after our country performers & got the rubes to feel good about being Russian assets. Still, it is the feel-good anthem of the summer. So there you have it. The new album, The Bride Of The Devil, will corrupt you and enslave you as the beautiful demonic bride you know you truly are.


  1. Electric Six – The Opener – 3:02 (1056 kbps , 22.85 MB)
  2. Electric Six – Daddy’s Boy – 3:04 (1014 kbps , 22.27 MB)
  3. Electric Six – (It Gets A Little) Jumpy – 2:35 (1021 kbps , 18.92 MB)
  4. Electric Six – Safety Girl – 3:03 (1004 kbps , 21.85 MB)
  5. Electric Six – You’re Toast – 3:21 (964 kbps , 23.12 MB)
  6. Electric Six – Hades Ladies – 3:15 (1056 kbps , 24.48 MB)
  7. Electric Six – Bride Of The Devil – 3:09 (1067 kbps , 24.02 MB)
  8. Electric Six – Witches Burning – 3:01 (1050 kbps , 22.65 MB)
  9. Electric Six – Full Moon Over The Internet – 3:21 (1059 kbps , 25.33 MB)
  10. Electric Six – Grey Areas – 3:07 (1032 kbps , 23 MB)
  11. Electric Six – The Worm In The Wood – 4:13 (909 kbps , 27.43 MB)

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