Devour The Day - Signals (2018) [FLAC] Download

Artist: Devour The Day
Title: Signals
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 2018
Duration: 00:37:27
Quality: FLAC Stereo 16bit/44,1kHz
Size: 268.54 MB
Tracks: 12
Source: Devour_The_Day-Signals-CD-FLAC-2018-FORSAKEN

On their aptly titled third full-length album and first for Fearless Records, Signals, Devour The Day didn’t just blur the line between musician and listener; they abolished it entirely. The trio Blake Allison [lead vocals, guitar], Joey ‘Chicago’ Walser [bass, backing vocals], and Ronnie Farris [drums] focused on getting closer than ever before by preserving the purity of these ‘signals’ and honoring the crowd above all. ‘If you re part of the rock community, you’ve chosen to be a musical outsider,’ says Joey. ‘The choice represents a certain integrity. We respect that so much. There’s no distinction or hierarchy between us and the people who listen to us. We’re all the same. A lot of times, that’s not clear in this business. It’s stuck in The Matrix where the artist is on a pedestal and the fan is below. We said, ‘[email protected]$% all of this tired bullsh$%’,’ he exclaims. ‘We’re admitting we don’t have ownership of these songs. Rather, they’re all gifts we’ve organized and put into the soundtrack for a community story. This is an escape from the norm. We’re just honored to have the opportunity to make another record and put everything into it.’ ‘We’re celebrating this community first,’ adds Blake. ‘Whether or not we make music, we’re recognizing the fact we’re lucky enough to do this. We can’t take credit for the ability to create. We highlight the fact it’s a gift on this record by looking at everything from a different angle.’


  1. Devour The Day – One Shot – 3:46
  2. Devour The Day – Faithless – 3:43
  3. Devour The Day – Into The Night – 3:46
  4. Devour The Day – Red Flower – 1:05
  5. Devour The Day – Headspill – 3:08
  6. Devour The Day – The Censor – 3:40
  7. Devour The Day – Give It Up – 2:54
  8. Devour The Day – Cliffhanger – 3:47
  9. Devour The Day – Loudmouth – 3:14
  10. Devour The Day – Nothing Is Enough – 2:39
  11. Devour The Day – Wonderful Creatures – 3:01
  12. Devour The Day – Under The Overpass – 2:50

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