Artist: Chihiro Yamanaka
Title: Monk Studies
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 00:44:23
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Label: Universal Music

Chihiro Yamanaka is a Japanese jazz pianist and composer. “Monk Studies”, Chihiro Yamanaka’s new album, released by Blue Note label. The Japanese piano player reinterpretes famous Monk’s classics such as Misterioso, In Walked Bud, Ruby My Dear, Hackensack, and others.

Monk Studies is a calculated album of piano jazz. At ten tracks, there isn’t much wasted time, each track carries with it a unique quality but together, they work toward a greater purpose, making Monk Studies an enjoyably easy album to listen through in one siting. There are some more experimental and exciting moments as well, “Nobody Knows” has this sampled and looped vocal line that adds some juxtaposition to Yamanaka’s piano playing, it’s a little warbled and sounds like she’s playing right on top of an older record. I was expecting a metal guitar riff to burst out of “In Walked Bud” at any moment, sadly it never happened but its still great. Monk Studies ends with “Abide in Me” which is a gospel track lifted right out of Sunday church, but funneled through a greasy back entrance to some nightclub. Anyway if you like more traditional jazz music or a mixture of traditional piano with contemporary jazz touches.


  1. Heartbreak Hill – 5:06
  2. Pannonica – 5:07
  3. Nobody Knows – 2:30
  4. New Days, New Ways – 4:40
  5. In Walked Bud – 5:56
  6. Rhythm-A-Ning – 4:00
  7. Ruby, My Dear – 4:38
  8. Criss Cross – 4:16
  9. Hackensack – 4:44
  10. Abide With Me – 3:32