Cassandra Wilson - Loverly (2008) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Cassandra_Wilson-Loverly-CD-FLAC-2008-FLACME
Artist: Cassandra Wilson
Album: Loverly
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2008
Tracks: 12
Duration: 01:00:43
Size: 368.96 MB

Long considered one of the finest singers in the jazz world, Cassandra Wilson’s new album is a tour de force of emotion, technique, interpretation and style as she brings her considerable powers to this collection of classic songs. Once again she has gathered a band of shining talent, featuring the brilliant Jason Moran on Piano with guitarist Marvin Sewell and Lonnie Plaxico on bass – a band that is so good together that Cassandra was happy to sit in the producer’s chair and let the songs speak for themselves. Featuring incredible interpretations of the classics like Black Orpheus, Caravan, and The Very Thought of You, Cassandra is one of the few singers that can genuinely re-invent a song that we all think we know, such as Wouldn’t It Be Loverly and turn it breathe new emotional life into it. However, the standout track has to be the stunning funky, soulful, brooding St. James Infirmary which has become a staple of her live set

Cassandra Wilson’s Loverly is something more than just her unique spin on songs from long ago. For this set, she has assembled an impressive core group of musicians to accompany her: Jason Moran on piano, Lonnie Plaxico on acoustic upright bass, and Marvin Sewell on guitar. Her low and hypnotic contralto glides so knowingly through each song that they would seem to be of her own creation–but aren’t. To be sure, each of the 12 songs found on Loverly are stamped with her trademark Delta-baby, bluesy style (most noticeably on “Dust My Broom”). But Wilson and company have taken it one step further by turning tear-jerkers such as “Til There Was You” and “The Very Thought of You” into sultry bubblers that invite ballads into the bedroom. Throw in the moody “Black Orpheus” and her funky, down-to-business take on “St. James Infirmary,” and it doesn’t take long to realize that Loverly is a complete attempt to satisfy the soul; a sexy mesh that dares rival anything Cassandra Wilson has released before it. –Eric C.P. Martin


  1. Cassandra Wilson – Lover Come Back To Me – 4:16 (834 kbps , 25.48 MB)
  2. Cassandra Wilson – Black Orpheus – 4:59 (795 kbps , 28.32 MB)
  3. Cassandra Wilson – Wouldn’t It Be Loverly – 5:02 (909 kbps , 32.76 MB)
  4. Cassandra Wilson – Gone With The Wind – 5:51 (830 kbps , 34.77 MB)
  5. Cassandra Wilson – Caravan – 4:23 (888 kbps , 27.85 MB)
  6. Cassandra Wilson – Til There Was You – 6:42 (853 kbps , 40.89 MB)
  7. Cassandra Wilson – Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most – 5:02 (775 kbps , 27.87 MB)
  8. Cassandra Wilson – Arere – 5:43 (952 kbps , 38.91 MB)
  9. Cassandra Wilson – St. James Infirmary – 4:40 (938 kbps , 31.31 MB)
  10. Cassandra Wilson – Dust My Broom – 4:46 (854 kbps , 29.14 MB)
  11. Cassandra Wilson – The Very Thought Of You – 4:47 (616 kbps , 21.11 MB)
  12. Cassandra Wilson – Sleepin’ Bee – 4:36 (928 kbps , 30.53 MB)

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