Artist: Budapest Festival Orchestra, Ivan Fischer
Title: Mahler: Symphony No. 3
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2017
Duration: 1:35:46
Quality: High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz
Label: Channel Classics

I love the whole symphony but from the second movement two favorite moments, two details, spring to mind. First, the recapitulation when the solo violin takes flight, like a buzzing bee around a flower, and then accidentally finds itself in a wonderful modulation to E major. The second is the ending. The flowers, that move and dance elegantly against the wind, suddenly expose their Tristan-like soul. From the vast first movement I would choose the huge, yawning creature’s (Pan’s?) first appearance. Conducting the Scherzo I am always carried away by the inserted episodes which interrupt the post horn — first by a group of baroque birds, then rococo ones flying up from the pages of a Mozart piano concerto. What an ingenious and unpredictable use of different styles! Finally, the endless melody of the last movement moves me every time with its intimate beauty and honesty. There is something divine in the wealth of this great masterpiece.
Ivn Fischer


01 – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- I. Krftig. Entschieden
02 – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- II. Tempo di Menuetto. Sehr mssig
03 – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- III. Comodo. Scherzando. Ohne Hast
04 – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- IV. Sehr langsam. Misterioso. Durchaus
05 – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- V. Lustig im Tempo und keck im Ausdruck
06 – Symphony No. 3 in D minor- VI. Langsam. Ruhevoll. Empfunden