Briana Marela - Call It Love (2017) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Briana_Marela-Call_It_Love-(JAG306)-CD-FLAC-2017-WRE
Artist: Briana Marela
Album: Call It Love
Genre: Rock
Year: 2017
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:41:36
Size: 246.38 MB

There is something enduring about great love songs, and Briana Marella’s Call It Love wraps its wide arms around the subject, invoking all its complexity. From the get-go, Call it Love opens with a reflection on a new love. An unfurling, ambient hum builds slowly, articulating that unmistakable head-in- the-clouds feeling that accompanies early love, before giving way to an up-tempo melody and a clattering, joyful chorus. Layers and textures evoke its subtler feelings, while the lyrics speak frankly, holding nothing back. Deepening her song writing and expanding her palette, Briana Marella has made her proverbial giant leap, to explore the sounds of love in beautiful, striking new ways. Before writing the songs that would become Call It Love, Briana Marella was typically guided first and foremost by her instincts as a producer and engineer. Marella studied audio production in Olympia at The Evergreen State College, and her previous albums, Speak From Your Heart and All Around Us, capture that early spirit of exploration. Marella’s original vision for this album was to dig into the two poles of her song writing styles: her ambient, ethereal side and her brighter, beat-driven pop leanings. She enlisted the production help of Juan Pieczynski and Ryan Heyner of the band Small Black. Instead of recording everything from scratch in the studio, Marella brought recorded stems for every song that then evolved and developed further in the studio. Pieczynski and Heyner brought a strong percussive instinct, weaving pop and polish into even the most spaced-out cinematic arrangements, and upon hearing their most recent self-produced album, Marella’s decision to work with them was almost instantaneous.


  1. Briana Marela – Be In Love – 4:28 (807 kbps , 25.73 MB)
  2. Briana Marela – Give Me Your Love – 4:09 (808 kbps , 24 MB)
  3. Briana Marela – I’m Sorry – 4:47 (840 kbps , 28.7 MB)
  4. Briana Marela – He Knows – 4:22 (826 kbps , 25.76 MB)
  5. Briana Marela – Quit – 3:32 (860 kbps , 21.71 MB)
  6. Briana Marela – Feel What I Feel – 2:43 (872 kbps , 16.92 MB)
  7. Briana Marela – Last Time – 3:44 (779 kbps , 20.76 MB)
  8. Briana Marela – Call It Love – 4:15 (879 kbps , 26.73 MB)
  9. Briana Marela – Farthest Shore – 4:27 (787 kbps , 25.1 MB)
  10. Briana Marela – Rise – 5:16 (823 kbps , 30.97 MB)

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