Brand New Disaster - Hold Fast the Summer (2005) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Brand_New_Disaster-Hold_Fast_The_Summer-CD-FLAC-2005-FAiNT
Artist: Brand New Disaster
Album: Hold Fast the Summer
Genre: Punk
Year: 2005
Tracks: 10/10
Duration: 00:37:31
Size: 286.76 MB

Original release information from 2005:

The winter after the release and subsequent tours (playing with such acts as Coheed and Cambria, Underoath, Boys Night Out, MAE, and Bear Vs. Shark) in support of their positively received debut album, “Maybe We Should Run,” Brand New Disaster relocated to a small country house in Harrisonburg, VA. Living together and practicing in the basement, they spent the next months writing and creating what would end up becoming their sophomore album, “Hold Fast The Summer,” which was recorded by Andreas Magnusson (Scarlet, Gods & Black Dahlia Murder) in July 2004.

The songs written during that time mirror the intensity and the harmony of the band immersing itself into their music by living and writing together. Without wasting any time, Brand New Disaster returned to the road in October for their first full U.S. tour, spending 6 weeks on the road and playing their first west coast shows.

Returning home from a successful tour, the band set out to find a home for the new album, teaming up again with Tribunal Records to release the 10-song album. Ironically, the hard work and effort put into the process of getting this record completed nearly killed the band entirely. But, being truly committed to their cause, Brand New Disaster have returned even more determined than ever as the songs of “Hold Fast The Summer” are the sum of all their nearly fatal experiences and they want them to be heard.

released May 24, 2005


  1. Brand New Disaster – Well, They Were Right…It’s Totalled – 0:31 (790 kbps , 2.88 MB)
  2. Brand New Disaster – She Looks Too Good to be Dead – 4:31 (1095 kbps , 35.38 MB)
  3. Brand New Disaster – Waking Wounded – 3:50 (1092 kbps , 29.89 MB)
  4. Brand New Disaster – Risk vs. Reason – 3:40 (1101 kbps , 28.93 MB)
  5. Brand New Disaster – You’ll Need an Anthem Soon Enough – 4:56 (1071 kbps , 37.77 MB)
  6. Brand New Disaster – The Tortoise and Achilles – 5:08 (1050 kbps , 38.5 MB)
  7. Brand New Disaster – The Sam Weir Approach to Problem Solving – 2:47 (1082 kbps , 21.57 MB)
  8. Brand New Disaster – Blades Don’t Need Reloading – 4:22 (1025 kbps , 32.06 MB)
  9. Brand New Disaster – You Can’t Take it With You – 4:26 (1083 kbps , 34.38 MB)
  10. Brand New Disaster – One Hundred Hands – 3:24 (1044 kbps , 25.4 MB)

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