Witches Of Doom – Funeral Radio (2020) [FLAC]

Witches Of Doom - Funeral Radio (2020) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Witches_of_Doom-Funeral_Radio-CD-FLAC-2020-GRAVEWISH
Artist: Witches Of Doom
Album: Funeral Radio
Genre: Metal
Year: 2020
Tracks: 8
Duration: 00:43:45
Size: 333.42 MB

Funeral Radio, third full-length album from WITCHES OF DOOM, a Rome-based Gothic-Stoner-Doom Metal band, is a pure moment of genius, a musical kaleidoscope of past and modern sonorities, brought to your ears by a very compact sound that emphasizes the emotional aspects of their music. It is an emotional trip full of suggestions and with it WITCHES OF DOOM are ready to paint new dark scenarios standing at the deep heart of each listener with music in the best Black Sabbath, Type O Negative and Danzig tradition with spikes in the dark groove of Moonspell. Funeral Radio will be a modern, creative and original expression of the Doom, Gothic and Stoner elements of the band and simply they invite you to push your mind beyond every limit to discover new territories and emotions into WITCHES OF DOOM dark world. The amazing artwork created by Carlo Muselli and the crystalline production crafted at Hombre Lobo and DaBox Studios are the signs that they have reached with this new album a new apex in their career!


  1. Witches Of Doom - Master Of Depression - 4:43 (1070 kbps , 36.06 MB)
  2. Witches Of Doom - Coma Moonlight - 4:45 (1079 kbps , 36.72 MB)
  3. Witches Of Doom - Queen Of Suburbia - 4:46 (1093 kbps , 37.22 MB)
  4. Witches Of Doom - Funeral Radio - 6:55 (1044 kbps , 51.65 MB)
  5. Witches Of Doom - Sister Fire - 4:55 (1080 kbps , 38.04 MB)
  6. Witches Of Doom - Ghost Train - 4:16 (1061 kbps , 32.38 MB)
  7. Witches Of Doom - November Flames - 6:00 (1067 kbps , 45.74 MB)
  8. Witches Of Doom - Hotel Paranoia - 7:29 (1039 kbps , 55.61 MB)

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