Sheryl Crow – The Globe Sessions (1999) [FLAC]

Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions (1999) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Sheryl_Crow-The_Globe_Sessions-Reissue-CD-FLAC-1999-6DM
Artist: Sheryl Crow
Album: The Globe Sessions
Genre: Rock
Year: 1999
Tracks: 13
Duration: 01:07:27
Size: 427.72 MB For some fairly shallow performers, there comes a time when their craft becomes a chore, when scribbling songs for the big follow-up album turns into a black-and-white deadline. Clever composers can almost disguise this ennui, burying it in a smarmy, sunshine-beaming mix. Key word: almost. Ergo, a trial spin through clever composer Sheryl Crow's The Globe Sessions evokes the faintest hint of a feeling that grows stronger with each successive listening--there's no sense that the artist intended this material as anything more than tepid album filler. A conversation with your local supermarket checkout girl would prove far more riveting than Crow's pretentious and all-too-casual observations (set to the tune, it must be noted, of some likable, jangly hooks). "Get out the camera, take a picture / The drag queens and the freaks are all out on the town," she purrs over chucka-chucka choogling on "There Goes the Neighborhood," which is probably what any self-respecting drag queen or freak would mutter once Crow moved in, scrounging for her now-patented vicarious cool. The closest The Globe Sessions comes to any palpable sincerity is during an actually-might've-lived-it, whoops-I'm-in-trouble-again "Mississippi." Even then, Crow drowns the moment in perfectly enunciated syllables, more prissy than alleycat-prowling. Crow started out with a credible Tuesday Night Music Club pedigree, surrounded by visionaries such as David Baerwald (For this disc, she relies heavily on ex-Wire Train mainstay Jeff Trott). But they're gone, and things change, to the point where, if you support this silly sycophant with your hard-earned dollars, there's only one question that you'll need to be asked: Do you want paper or plastic

...Crow lends her husky, world-wise mezzo to poignant, strikingly personal accounts of troubled and failed love affairs. Not all of these songs are as immediately accessible as the hits from Crow's feisty debut.... But they grow and linger with the spirit of a vital artist pushing herself to evolve. -- The Los Angeles Times Even when she admits to insecurity, it's cast as an aside or a pun, as in her watery refrain in "Riverwide," "Don't bail on me." Which isn't to say that The Globe Sessions is unfocused or not catchy. It's a measure of how good The Globe Sessions is... -- Entertainment Weekly The album feels bummed-out and rote, with too many five-minute breakup songs loping endlessly into desolation ... Sheryl Crow sounds tired of her own material. -- Spin


  1. Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake - 4:08 (847 kbps , 25.07 MB)
  2. Sheryl Crow - There Goes The Neighborhood - 5:02 (939 kbps , 33.8 MB)
  3. Sheryl Crow - Riverwide - 4:08 (809 kbps , 23.88 MB)
  4. Sheryl Crow - It Dont Hurt - 4:50 (939 kbps , 32.44 MB)
  5. Sheryl Crow - Maybe Thats Something - 4:18 (879 kbps , 27.02 MB)
  6. Sheryl Crow - Am I Getting Through (Part I & II) - 5:31 (891 kbps , 35.16 MB)
  7. Sheryl Crow - Anything But Down - 4:18 (988 kbps , 30.41 MB)
  8. Sheryl Crow - The Difficult Kind - 6:19 (848 kbps , 38.35 MB)
  9. Sheryl Crow - Mississippi - 4:42 (1031 kbps , 34.61 MB)
  10. Sheryl Crow - Members Only - 4:58 (911 kbps , 32.32 MB)
  11. Sheryl Crow - Crash And Burn , Subway Ride - 11:26 (770 kbps , 62.97 MB)
  12. Sheryl Crow - Resuscitation - 3:59 (827 kbps , 23.61 MB)
  13. Sheryl Crow - Sweet Child o Mine - 3:52 (1015 kbps , 28.08 MB)

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