Cory Weeds – O Sole Mio! Music From The Motherland (2021) [FLAC]

Cory Weeds - O Sole Mio! Music From The Motherland (2021) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Cory_Weeds-O_Sole_Mio_Music_From_The_Motherland-(CM100619)-CD-FLAC-2021-HOUND
Artist: Cory Weeds
Album: O Sole Mio! Music From The Motherland
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2021
Tracks: 9
Duration: 01:00:33
Size: 395.21 MB

Weeds delivers a blistering set of Italian themed tunes backed up by one of the preeminent organs bands in jazz today! The results speak for themselves: swinging bop lines executed by all, crackling rhythm section accompaniment and interaction, and an ensemble sound that underscores the values of swing, groove and participatory interaction over a carefully selected set of compositions--thanks to the support of Giulio Recchioni and the Italian Cultural Centre--that celebrate through reinvention and interpretation some great Italian music (''O Sole Mio,'' ''Toma A Surriento''), as well as compositions taken from the rich history of contribution that Italian-Americans have brought to jazz and the American popular song (Marmarosa, Corea, Martino, Mancini). Although to some, perhaps, the ideas presented here may appear on the surface to be disparate and tangentially connected: a jazz version of ''O Sole Mio,'' a fifth instrumentalist added to a longstanding quartet or even the Hammond B3 organ in jazz (a relatively late addition to the music's instrumentarium with an unusual historical pedigree of roller rinks and makeshift churches), jazz has long been about thwarting normative conventions and looking for points of intersection that connect and unite players and sounds that span nationalities, race, language, gender and musical history.


  1. Cory Weeds - O Sole Mio - 7:14 (968 kbps , 50.08 MB)
  2. Cory Weeds - Mr. Lucky - 5:12 (956 kbps , 35.59 MB)
  3. Cory Weeds - Speak Softly Love (Theme From The Godfather) - 8:10 (822 kbps , 48 MB)
  4. Cory Weeds - On The Stairs - 5:56 (984 kbps , 41.73 MB)
  5. Cory Weeds - Estate - 7:23 (813 kbps , 42.89 MB)
  6. Cory Weeds - Chick's Tune - 6:11 (944 kbps , 41.8 MB)
  7. Cory Weeds - Torna A Surriento - 8:07 (938 kbps , 54.49 MB)
  8. Cory Weeds - Moody Blues - 6:02 (863 kbps , 37.22 MB)
  9. Cory Weeds - Capricci di Camere (Whims OF Chambers) - 6:22 (953 kbps , 43.41 MB)

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