Coprocephalic Mutation – D.3.1.4. (2020) [FLAC]

Coprocephalic Mutation - D.3.1.4. (2020) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: Coprocephalic_Mutation-D.3.1.4.-(BM094)-CDEP-FLAC-2020-86D
Artist: Coprocephalic Mutation
Album: D.3.1.4.
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2020
Tracks: 5
Duration: 00:12:03
Size: 84.97 MB

We in Coprocephalic Mutation are so happy to announce our Signing with Brutal Mind to Re-Release our EP D.3.1.4. with new artwork by the amazing and brutal Aziz Blckstry art. After its initial release we hit a lot of bumps in the road, and didnt feel like the EP got its time in the spotlight like we had intended it too and now we can finally do that! A lot of time went into writing this EP and it's amazing to now work with a label and people who recognise and appreciate what bands put into it are willing to do the same to make sure every release is the best it can be. We cannot express how thankful and excited we are as a band to Deni and Brutal Mind for giving us the opportunity and helping us reach our potential as a band and investing in us like he has! Especially as returning customers ourselves for the awesome merch and music selection Brutal Mind has to offer, never mind the sick high quality product they offer. We are currently working on our full length in the meantime and will have an update for that shortly enough, as it's just a matter of getting the music written now! So we can't wait to keep bringing that brutality and work with Brutal Mind again to keep bringing that brutal sickness they know so well! Stay Sick & Keep it Brutal Sam and Kyle - Coprocephalic Mutation" released September 30, 2020


  1. Coprocephalic Mutation - D.3.1.4. (Intro) - 2:39 (1002 kbps , 18.98 MB)
  2. Coprocephalic Mutation - Ritualistic Embalment ft. Triston Cheshire - 1:57 (973 kbps , 13.6 MB)
  3. Coprocephalic Mutation - Cervical Bifurcation Through Deteriorated Atrocities ft. Slugg Ophelia - 2:19 (975 kbps , 16.19 MB)
  4. Coprocephalic Mutation - Puss Filled Vaginal Canal ft. Calvin Cobby - 2:33 (1000 kbps , 18.29 MB)
  5. Coprocephalic Mutation - Erotic Fixation of Necrotic Wounds - 2:36 (961 kbps , 17.9 MB)

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