100 Mile House – Love and Leave You (2020) [FLAC]

100 Mile House - Love and Leave You (2020) [FLAC] Download

Release Name: 100_Mile_House-Love_and_Leave_You-(FTRC1015)-CD-FLAC-2020-MUNDANE
Artist: 100 Mile House
Album: Love and Leave You
Genre: Folk
Year: 2020
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:41:17
Size: 224.26 MB

Attuned to life's impermanence, 100 mile house cherishes what we have, yet accepts that eventually it will all be gone. There's a poignant double meaning behind the new album Love and Leave You by the Edmonton, Canada, based folk duo 100 mile house. As on their award-winning previous work, Peter Stone and Denise MacKay seem naturally attuned to life's impermanence; the reality that we must cherish what we have, while knowing we must eventually let it go. Made with a host of guests ranging from JUNO nominee Chloe Albert to a heart-swelling string section, Love and Leave You builds on the themes of longing and love of 2016's Hiraeth, which earned 100 mile house a Western Canadian Music Award, and a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination. On Love and Leave You they have emerged--stronger, wiser, and more honest than ever before. Denise explains, ''Our writing has evolved from songs about Peter moving to Canada from England and the two of us meeting each other, to songs about the struggles of starting a family, the loss of loved ones and how the visions you had for your life inevitably change. We believe our songs have grown in the same way our relationship has as we've matured.'' From a sonic perspective, Peter adds, ''For Love and Leave You, we decided to strip everything back, and even though there's a fair bit of instrumentation on it, I'd say it's our most bare bones recording to date. I wanted to take this approach to give the album its own character, but also to force the songwriting and lyrics to the forefront.'' As they approach two decades since their first chance meeting, both Stone and MacKay's lives and the music they make have become inseparable. It's palpable the moment you hear them sing together, and cuts even deeper as the stories they tell unfold. 100 mile house make timeless music in the truest sense; by opening themselves up in ways many of us wish we could. And on Love and Leave You, with Stone's deft production bringing the songwriting and lyrics to the fore, we share that connection, and for that reason alone it is their best work to date. ''Heartbreakingly Lovely...'' Katherine Duncan CBC


  1. 100 Mile House - River - 2:13 (779 kbps , 12.32 MB)
  2. 100 Mile House - Love and Leave You - 3:51 (757 kbps , 20.85 MB)
  3. 100 Mile House - Test the Timber - 3:59 (820 kbps , 23.38 MB)
  4. 100 Mile House - Grateful - 3:46 (709 kbps , 19.11 MB)
  5. 100 Mile House - Worth the Wait - 3:36 (777 kbps , 20.04 MB)
  6. 100 Mile House - Light Goes Out - 5:18 (812 kbps , 30.84 MB)
  7. 100 Mile House - Losing You - 3:03 (724 kbps , 15.78 MB)
  8. 100 Mile House - Run - 4:14 (760 kbps , 23.02 MB)
  9. 100 Mile House - Like Each Day - 6:01 (716 kbps , 30.79 MB)
  10. 100 Mile House - Lucky to Be Loved - 3:00 (733 kbps , 15.73 MB)
  11. 100 Mile House - Good Old Days - 2:20 (742 kbps , 12.4 MB)

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